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งานของน้ำ ปฏิบัติปรียาวงศากุล(แห่งเล็ทแก็งค์)

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  2. ขอบคุณพี่ซอยมากครับ

  3.'s a serious crime.
    So is it also with TORSHAZ.
    And then you add onto it MARTOR and COLESTE with HYSTE and ROKST, it's a mafia nightmare.
    And add onto that GERRIZZO and RICKERST, it makes me absolutely weep.
    And to think they did it with HOLLYWOOD makes it totally insane.
    But if they did it with the push of military and government and Queen,and these must be the ones who are primarily responsible.
    The billionaires made it " work".
    And the billionaires made even more billions with SONGEM.
    And those companies , if they participated and were integral in their powers, they too, must be forced into nothingness.
    And if these such companies like GE- UGGS- MOTT- RITE AID- DELL- PEZ , etc, if they supplied the workforce to make POPERS into POPPINDA....
    This , this organized type of crime, for international terrorism, must be ultimately held 100% accountable.
    And personally, what is the point of their existence unless it is to be " crucified".
    And their riches spread throughout the world in a promise for "peace".